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Cable bundle ending in rings , assembly of connector blocks . 

Ring terminals : ring terminals are used to make wire connections to screw terminals . They can also be used to join several wires together with a bolt and nut or by using a screw through the rings. Ring terminals are sold by wire gauge size and by the size bolt that the rings  will accept . The image on the far right shows ring terminals being used with a screw to connect several wires together . This allows for relatively easy connection and disconnection of wiring . ( this is a type of Crimp connectors ) 

You can make connections using wire nuts.  Wire nuts are sized according to the gauge of wire you are joining.  Wire nuts work best when joining two wires of the same size.  Make sure you use wire nuts that are sized properly for your wire or they will not work correctly.  Strip 1/2" insulation from each wire.  Place the wires side by side.  Hold the wires just below the bare wire.  Place the wire nut over both wires and twist down.

Wire crimp connectors : You can use wire crimp connectors to join two pieces of wire together as well as to join wires to other components.  Click the thumbnail on the right to see some of the various types of crimp connectors that are available.  Like wire nuts, crimp connectors are sized according to gauge wire they are designed for.  Make sure you use the correct size crimp connectors for the wire you are using. 

Crimp connectors come in both insulated and non-insulated versions.  I recommend you always use the insulated connectors.  

To use crimp connectors you need a pair of wire crimpers.  Like wire nuts, crimp connections are sized based on the wire gauge being joined.  It is important to use the proper size crimp connector or the wire may slip out.

The crimpers should have several slots to insert the crimp connection based on wire size.  Identify the proper crimp slot for the wire you are joining.  Strip 1/2" of insulation from the wire.  Insert the bare wire into the back of the crimp connection and place the crimp

connection in the proper slot.  The insulation on the crimp connection extends beyond the metal designed to make the crimp so make sure that the jaws of the slot are over the metal portion of the crimp connection and not over just the insulation.  Squeeze firmly.

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