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Max. resolution 1920 x 1200 or 1080p

DVI-D Single Link and VGA (option)

USB-HID for mouse and keyboard

Audio / serial or PS/2 (option)

Compatible with Draco vario chassis

USB 2.0 (option) 

P/N: 474-BODY2N

Condition: Used


DVI and VGA extension Draco vario DVI extenders enable longdistance extension of DVI computer video, together with USB-HID connection for keyboard, mouse and other compatible interface devices. Providing interconnection between user workstations and remote source computers. Connection between CPU Units (source) and CON Units (user workstation) is realized by single Cat X of fiber (singleor multi-mode), enabling connection at distances up to 140m and 10km.

Wide range of options 

The Draco tera 474 series supports a wide range of input and output options to provide flexibility and extend the scope of integration. Including: redundant data transmission, USB2.0, RS232 and RS484, integral upscaling, analog and digital audio and more. All Draco vario modules are compatible with the Draco tera chassis series providing a wide range of installation options and customized system configuration capability.

XV eXtreme Velocity

For the highest possible image quality, Draco vario fiber XV versions handle extremely high quality video at 4K resolution and beyond. Integration in Draco tera KVM matrix switch installations Draco vario CPU and CON Units may be combined with Draco tera KVM matrix switches to create matrix switching systems of almost unlimited size and capability.


- Superior image quality in all Single Link resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 or 1080p

- Single- and Multi-Head device support

- DVI-D input/output, alternatively DVI-I (VGA) input and/or output (option)

- USB-HID for mouse/keyboard and other interface devices (option)

- Optional USB 2.0 embedded (36/50 Mbit/s) or USB 2.0 standalone (480 Mbit/s)

-  RS232 or RS422 (option)

- Analog, balanced or digital audio (option) 

- Redundant transmission channels for a maximum of availability (option)

- Fiber XV (eXtreme Velocity) high bandwidth extension

-Power supply via supplied

- Redundant power supply (option)

-  Compatible with Draco vario chassis and 19” rack mounts – 2, 4, 6, 21 modules

- Integrates with full Draco tera KVM matrix switch range




Dokumentvorlage (ihse.com)

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