line driver tube specially designed for LED scanning screen - CHIPONE

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part number ICN2012 


CN2012 is a line driver tube specially designed for LED scanning screens.
Into 138 decoding circuit and power PMOS tube.
ICN2012 adopts SOP16 package type, with integrated anti-burning power tube,
Eliminate ghosting, LED lamp bead protection, and other functions.


- Integrated 138 decoding circuit
- Integrate 8 power PMOS output PINs, the on-resistance is 100 mΩ, the maximum
High current 2.5A
- Input open circuit, input lock self-test function, anti-burning power PMOS tube
- LED display eliminates ghosting
- Improve the caterpillar phenomenon caused by short-circuit and string lighting of LED display lamp beads
- Integrated anti-LED lamp bead reverse breakdown voltage regulator circuit
- Single support 1~8 scans
- Maximum power consumption<625mW@ VDD=5V & Ivdd=2.5A


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