Install Gear 14 Gauge AWG 100 FT speaker wire True spec and soft touch cable wire-red/black

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InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100 FT Speaker Wire True Spec and soft Touch Cable Wire -Red/Black (Great use for Car speakers, Stereos, Home Theater Speakers, Surround sound , Radio ) .

- Soft touch jacket 

-True Spec 

-Stranded Wire 

-Easy Polarity identification 

-High performance 

-Great for Car, Rv or home 

Color Red/Black
Brand InstallGear
Material Aluminum, Copper
Gauge 14.0


About this item : 

  • 100 feet (30.5m)
  • True Spec Stranded Wire
  • Rugged Red/Black PVC Jacket
  • Two Color Jacket for Easy Polarity Identification
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor (CCA)

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