Lighthouse LIP-HDI Processor

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This processor is in good working condition.

Lighthouse’s LIP-HDI interface processor provides connectivity to LED screens directly from any HD source, whether it’s an HD camcorder or Blu-ray disc player, via certified HDMI 1.3. The LIP-HDI supports 1080p resolution and 12-bit deep color for awesome True HD image quality in both indoor and outdoor applications. A user-friendly control interface simplifies operations, and the more efficient design delivers better performance while reducing energy consumption. 


  • Processes VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA & UXGA signals and supports SMPTE standards to 1920 x 1080p, 50/60Hz
  • Input selection between DVI and HDMI source
  • Maximum 5 SDI Serializer outputs
  • New generation fixed installation processor for Lighthouse’s Panels
  • Repositioning capacity by Pan and Tilt
  • Monitor output for input video
  • Real-time input source indicator
  • Board FPGA and CPU version detection
  • On-board LCD control panel
  • 96 levels of Brightness control
  • 8 levels of Gamma control including linear
  • 7 settings of Color Temperatures adjustment
  • 9 LIP Test Patterns and 79 Panel Test Patterns
  • Color corrector built-in for SMPTE TV color
  • Individual LED panel control
  • 2 banks for color uniformity
  • Attachable Auto Brightness Controller (ABC)
  • RS232 and Ethernet PC control channels

- SEE data Sheet  for more specifications : 

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