LAMBDA SWS300-3 Switching Power Supply 3.3Volts, 55Amps

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This model belongs to the Single Output General Purpose Power Supplies.


-Low Cost

-Active Power Factor Correction

-Universal Input (85 - 265VAC)

-Input Transient Protected IEC61000-4

-SEMI F47 Certifi ed (208VAC Input)

-Global safety Approvals

-Level B EMI

Key Market Segments & Applications:  Industrial, Test, COMM, LED.



Input Voltage range  85 - 265VAC (47 - 63Hz) or 120 - 370VDC

Inrush Current (115 / 230VAC) 20 / 40 at 25°C, cold start

Power Factor Meets EN61000-3-2     

Input Current (100/200VAC)  3.6 / 1.8A

Temperature Coefficient  <0.02%/°C

Overcurrent Protection   >105%, Constant current style

Overvoltage Protection 3.3V: 4.1-5.3V, 5V: 6.25-7.5V, 12V: 13.8-16.8V 15V: 19.3-24.2V, 24V: 30-34.8V, 36V: 41.4-50.4V, 48V: 60-69.6V

Overtemperature Protection  Yes, cycle AC to reset

Hold Up Time (Typ)  20ms at 115/230VAC

Leakage Current (max) SWS300: 0.75mA , SWS600: 1.5mA

Remote Sense  None

Parallel Connection None

Remote On/Off None

Power Fail Signal None

LED Indicator   Green LED = On

Operating Temperature -10 to +65°C (See table for derating - model specific)

Storage Temperature  -30 to +85°C

Humidity (non-condensing) 30 - 90% RH operating, 10 - 95%RH non operating

Cooling  Internal fan

Withstand Voltage I/P to Grnd 2kVAC, I/P to O/P 3kVAC, O/P to Grnd 500VAC, O/P to CNT 100VAC for 1 min

Isolation Resistance >100M at 25°C & 70%RH, Output to Ground 500VDC 

Vibration (non operating)  10 - 55Hz (sweep for 1 min)19.6m/s2 constant X, Y, Z 1 hour each plane)

Immunity EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11

Safety Agency Approvals UL60950-1, CSA60950-1, EN60950-1, EN50178, CE Mark, SEMI F47 (208VAC)

Conducted & Radiated EMI EN55011 / EN55022-B, FCC Class B

Recommended EMI Filter MC1206 

Weight (Typ)  950

Size (WxHxD)   2.05 x 4.01 x 7.8” 

Warranty  Two Years

Model selector 

Voltage   3.3V

Adjust range  2.97-3.96V

Max Curr.(A)  55

Load Reg (mV)  40

Line Reg(mV)  20

Ripple Noise (mV)  120 

Eff.(3)(Typ) %    67/70


at 50°C  100%

at 55°C  91.6%

at 60°C  83.3%

at 65°C  50%




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