PushPull V4 v2.0 RJ45 Cat6a Overmolded Patch Cable - PP RJ45 to IP20 RJ

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The push pull industrial connector design has been revised with improved ease of use, handling and insecurity for industrial network connections decentralized industrial PCS, and other modular components are changed at much shorter intervals than before. 


The plug was designed to become stronger  while being easier and faster to operate at the same time. Therefore, the Push pull V4 industrial has a new housing material that will protect also from extremely aggressive chemicals such as cutting oils in turning and milling centers, for example.  

These with other aggressive operating materials present the plugs used in an application with heightened challenges. In an environment of Alkaline or acid operating materials, all parts of a system, including lifelines, need to work with absolute dependability and process reliability. Optimized for this potential.

Why push pull: 

Plug connectors can be fastened, locked, and protected from inadvertent disconnection in all sorts of ways.  


The connector 

PART NUMBER:  09451451521-42

 Specification PushPull V4 plug RJ45, Cat.6, IDC


Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors PP V4 2.0 RJ45 Cat6 Hood, Plastic, IDC


Category: Connectors

Series:  HARTING PushPull (V4)

Identification: RJ45

Element: Connector sets


 Termination method: IDC termination

Shielding:  Fully shielded, 360° shielding contact

Number of contacts: 8

Number of contacts: 8 

Locking type : PushPull 

Pack content: incl. housing with RJ45 connector, shielding and cable gland

Technical characteristics:  

Conductor cross-section:   0.1 ... 0.32 mm² Stranded

                                           0.22 ... 0.32 mm² Solid

Conductor cross-section:  AWG 27/7 ... AWG 22/7 Stranded

                                          AWG 24/1 ... AWG 22/1 Solid

Transmission characteristics: Cat. 6 Class EA up to 500 MHz

Data rate : 10 Mbit/s

                   100 Mbit/s

                   1 Gbit/s

                    2.5 Gbit/s

                    5 Gbit/s

                    10 Gbit/s  

Tightening torque: 1.3 ... 1.5 Nm

Technical characteristics

Limiting temperature: -40 ... +70 °C

Mating cycles: ≥750

Degree of protection acc. to IEC 60529: IP65, IP67

Cable diameter: 4.5 ... 10 mm

Vibration resistance: 10-500 Hz, 5 g, 0.35 mm, 2h/axis

                                      5.72 m/s² acc. to IEC 61373 Category 1 Class B

Shock resistance: 25 g / 11 ms, 3 shocks / axis and direction 5 g / 30 ms, 5 shocks / axis and direction

                               acc. to IEC 61373 Category 1 Class B 


Material properties

Material(hood/housing): Thermoplastic

Colour (hood/housing):  black

Material flammability class acc. to UL 94 V-0

RoHS : compliant 

ELV status: compliant

China RoHS: e 

REACH Annex XVII substances: No

REACH ANNEX XIV substances: No

REACH SVHC substances: yes

REACH SVHC substances: Potassium 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulphonate 

California Proposition 65 substances: yes 

California Proposition 65 substances: Nickel

                                                                Antimony trioxide


Specifications and approvals

specifications: IEC 61076-3-106 Variant 4 (V4)

                          EN 45545-2 R26: HL1, HL2, HL3

Approvals: DNV GL 

UL / CSA: UL 1977 ECBT2.E102079

                 CSA-C22.2 No. 182.3 ECBT8.E102079

Commercial data: 

Packaging size : 10 

net weight : 27 g

country of origin : Romania

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