We at SinaPlug have been in the LED display business for years.  One of our frustrations has been that it is difficult to find an LED Parts Shop domestically(US).  We have always had to purchase parts overseas and suffer the long turnaround times, the high cost of shipping and the tariffs or purchase domestically and pay both the manufacturer mark-up, the shipping, the tariffs AND the domestic distributor’s mark-up!  We’ve been saying for quite some time that we are going to start a US-based online parts house for LED displays and we’re going to serve guys just like ourselves!  Finally, we broke down… and launched! 

With SinaPlug, you finally get your very own “parts warehouse”!  SinaPlug will order the part you use, and we will keep an inventory of it based on your normal usage.  This means that you always have the part you need when you need it.  Not only that, but because we are domestic and can expedite your order with overnight shipping, you can also have your part WHEREVER you need it the very next day! 

So, go online and place your order today!!! 

At SinaPlug… We want to get you what YOU want, when YOU need it, at a price YOU can afford! 

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