Analog Way PLS350-3G 8x1 3G/HD/SD-SDI Seamless Switcher/Mixer

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Analog Way Pulse-H Overview

The Analog Way Pulse² - H is a powerful multilayer hi-resolution mixer and seamless presentation switcher featuring 8 seamless inputs and 12 input connectors (four HDMI, two DVI, two 3G-SDI, two HDBaseT, and two universal analog). The Pulse² - H offers two outputs with mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT connectors that can be configured either as Preview & Program or as two independent program outputs (native matrix mode). It also supports advanced audio inputs and outputs functionalities and includes a 3G-SDI output useable as video output or Program clone.

The Pulse² - H has been designed to be entirely operated from the easy-to-use front panel, and it offers IP (Ethernet) control via a standard TCP/IP socket connection and an RS-232 serial interface that supports all major third-party control systems. Additionally, the Pulse² - H can be controlled by a comprehensive range of remote-control panel options such as the RK-350 keypad or the Shot Box2.

Condition: Used

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