Lighthouse Auto Brightness Controller VPRO-ABCII

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The Lighthouse Auto Brightness Controller II (ABCII) will automatically operate to control the level of LED screen brightness in any ambient light level. The unit is housed within a tough, weatherproof polycarbonate housing, which is designed to IP67 environmental standards .

Features :

- 16 levels of Brightness control 

-Fully automatic brightness control.

-Every time when power on, the ABC II will keep sending out the brightness data. While you would set the frequency of collecting brightness data according to actual working requirement. 

Note: The voltages inside the ABCII box can be lethal. Ensure power is disconnected before removing the cover. 

VPRO-VCM Receiver Board 

VPRO-VCM Receiver Board plays a major role in collecting environment brightness data and sends the data to the control box, VPRO-VCM II, with ABC cable. You would set the frequency parameter of collecting brightness data according to actual working requirement with PC software, and the VPRO-VCM II would send setting data to the VPRO-VCM II Receiver Board. After finishing that setting, power on, the VPRO-VCM II starts to work. 

System testing :

If problems occur during installation, the following settings and status LED can be checked. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact Lighthouse for further advice.


Note: the voltage inside the ABC II box can be lethal. Ensure power is disconnected before removing the cover .

Sensor operation test :

To see if the sensor is functioning, you can move the ABC II around or obstruct the light sensor and see if it is working.

Note: please remember to set the DIP switch position I back to ON after finish testing 

Data communication test : 

when data are being sent or received, the corresponding status LED (RED) will start to flash. If this is not the case, a communication problem has occurred .For this kind of problem, it is recommended that user has to check the cable connection of the system. If the problem persists, please contact Lighthouse for further advice . 

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