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LED Modules, Displays & Processors Description

  • The SinaPlug P5.0mm outdoor module is the most popular of the SinaPlug line.  It is the perfect mix of clarity, resolution and contrast, while at the same time, not out of reach in price!  The resolution of the 5.0mm pitch is adequate as close as 6 meters away.  The brightness of the SinaPlug P5.0mm indoor module allows the light of your message to shine on, even through heavily tinted glass windows in broad daylight.  Brightness and clarity… just what you’re looking for in an LED module!


  • Module Size  320mm x 160mm
  • Pixel Pitch  5mm
  • Density  40,000nits/m2
  • Resolution 64 x 32 = 4608
  • LED Type SMD1921 (Mfg.- King Light)
  • Scanning Mode 1/8s
  • Line Tube Driver IC  7258/double
  • Brightness  4000 T0 5000 Nits
  • Visual Refresh Rate  3840 Hz 
  • Total Module Current  ≤ 7.5 A
  • Power  ≤ 37.5 W
  • Viewing Angle  H 140°, V 120°
  • Working Voltage(DC)  5V DC
  • Working Temp -20 - 80
  • Protective Measures  Three anti-paint
  • Working Humidity  %: 30 - 85%


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