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The Lighthouse Serial Data Splitter (LCM-RSW) is designed to expand the capabilities of Lighthouse LED systems. The unit is normally mounted in a self-contained aluminum housing enclosure.

box specifications and interface:  

The LCM-RSW is designed for outdoor use, which is an interface between the lighthouse LED screens and the Processor 9LCM), its function is to split the incoming prosperity SDI (from the LCM) signal into eight identical outputs to extend the display capability and also can simplify the cabling for systems with large screens.


box weight: 3.7 kg

panel width:  322mm 

panel height:  90 mm 

panel depth: 400mm 

ingress protection: IP65 

input voltage (nominal): 100 to 240 VAC

Input power (max): 10W 

Box input format:  In I~in7  

Box output format:  OUT I 

system input description: 

7 inputs per unit are available. Also, by cascading two units, it can be up to 1 input (with LCM-4K). The input signal can be connected to any seven input connectors. 

Condition: New in Open Box

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