LED Video Controller VX4S-N NOVASTAR

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1- The inputs of the VX4S include CVBS×2, VGA×2, DVI×1, HDMI×1 , DP ×1 and SDI×1. They support input resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz; the input images of VX4S can be zoomed point-to-point according to the screen resolution

2- Provide seamless high-speed switch and fade-in/ fade-out effect so as to strengthen and display picture demonstration of professional quality

3-  The location and size of PIP can both be adjusted, which can be controlled at will

4-  Adopt the Nova G4 engine; the screen is stable and flicker free without scanning lines; the images are exquisite and have a good sense of depth

5-  Can implement white balance calibration and color gamut mapping based on different features of LEDs used by screens to ensure reproduction of true colors

6-  HDMI/external audio input

7- 10bit/8bit HD video source 

8- The loading capacity 2.3 million pixel

9- Support multiple controller montage for loading huge screen

10-  Support Nova's new-generation point-by-point correction technology; the correction is fast and efficient   

11- Computer software for system configuration is not necessary. The system can be configured using one knob and one button. All can be done just by fingers. That's what we called Touch Track!

12- Adopt an innovative architecture to implement smart configuration; the screen debugging can be completed within 30 seconds; greatly shorten the preparation time on the stage

13- A intuitive LCD display interface and clear button light hint simplify the control of the system.


Appearance description:

 Front panel

1:  Power switch.

2: Operation screen.

3: Knob. to press knob means Enter or OK, rotating knob represents selection or adjustment.

4: ESC. Escape current operation or selection.

5: Four control keyboard shortcuts. PIP: PIP Turn-on/Turn off. The lighting of this key represents the turn-on of PIP; otherwise, PIP is turned off. SCALE: Picture zoom turn-on/turn off. The lighting of this key represents the turn-on of zoom function; otherwise, zoom function is unavailable MODE: Shortcut menu of loading or storage of display model. The key is light when entering the model or shortcut menu, in case of exiting, the key is not bright. TEST: Shortcut key of turn-on/turn-off of testing picture. In case of entering testing picture, the key is bright; otherwise, the key is not bright.

 Note: You can enter numbers, such as layer size and offset value, by pressing the number buttons. The number button will be highlighted after pressed. www.novastar.tech Page 3

6:  Shortcut keys for switching of 8 signal input sources. Short press to set as the main screen input source, and long press to set as PIP input source. the key is bright after press when the video source has signal; the key flashes when the input of video source has no signal. The setting result can be checked while setting on the display screen and LCD screen.

7:  Function keys TAKE: Display switching shortcut key. After short pressing TAKE key, PIP will be opened; if it has been opened, the switching of between MAIN and PIP will be realized. Fn: Custom shortcut key.

8: Flat mouth (Type A, female USB) is USB interface, which connects U disk; Square mouth (Type B female USB) is USB controlling interface, Communication with PC.

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