Lighthouse Universal Display Optimizer Supervisor LH

Sale price$1,700.00 USD


Is a state-of-the-art display optimizer specifically designed to convert a wide range of input formats into resizable content to fit any shape of LED video display. 

the 1st product of its kind to be offered in the LED display market. The supervisor LH accepts both digital and analogue formats, including standard and high-definition television and computer graphics to create digital for LED display screens and panels. Ideal for rental, staging and fixed installations the supervisor LH features an intuitive user interface, illuminated display and front panel, easy access to connectors, convenient carrying handles and rear connector protection and a lightweight aluminum chassis. In addition to enabling a vast range of sources, from common, conventional video to high-end formats , the high-performance optimizer uses a custom three-dimensional interpolating filter for maximum picture quality in all modes. Advanced vidoe 2:2/3:2 film processing will extract the best from all material , and computer graphics sources are scalled using broadcast derived ROB 4:4:4. signal processing 

 Condition: Used

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