Lighthouse LIP – XGA LED Video Wall Processor

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SERIAL NUMBER: LxGA70014 110-240VAC~50/60 Hz 480-270 mA 

Back Light LCD User Interface
VGA, SVGA and XGA signals can also be processed.
One DVI input and one analog RGB input with auto input detection.
Video mode for input are 640 x480 (VGA), 800 x 600(SVGA) and 1024 x 768 (XGA).
Maximum display capacity of each SDI output can be 256×768, 192×720, 144×756, 288×648 or 384×504.
Real time input source indicator.
Video input selective and video overlay by color Keying.
Overwrite and transparent keying mode supported.
Three monitor outputs for DVI, analog RGB and LIP-XGA output.
4 SDI Serializer built-in.
Multi M4 LIP-XGA controllable by Daisy chain connection.
Full Duplex communication supported.
Repositioning capacity by Pan and Tilt.

Compatible with existing LIP-SX video output timing.
Board FPGA and CPU version detection.
All ADC functions can be controlled by menu key.
Auto detection function of video sync signal polarity.
7 setting Color Temperatures adjustment.
96 level Brightness Control.
8 level Gamma controls including Linear.
Color Corrector built-in for SMPTE TV Color.
Individual LED Panel adjustment.
9 LIP Test Patterns and 79 Panel Test Patterns.
4 Banks for saving User Parameters.
All M4 LIP-XGA functions can be controlled by the host computer, RS232 downlink.
Video processing for uniform white balance of panel.
19” rack mountable, 2U high.
Option: Other display capacity configurations possible. 

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