Novastar MRV330-1 synchronous controller receiving card

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Manufacturer : Novastar 


(This product has been no longer in production and our recommended alternatives are as follows:MRV336)
Features of NOVASTAR MRV330-1 Receiving Board Integrated with HUB75:

MRV330-1 is the 24 Groups data receiving Card of Nova M3 series which does not need a separate HUB card,
and its functions are as follows:
1) integrated 12 standard HUB75 connector, without the HUB structure;
2) Single card outputs 24-group of RGB data;
3) Single card support resolution 256x220;
4) Support configuration file readback;  
5) Support program copy;
6) Support temperature monitoring.
7) Support Ethernet cable communication status detection;
8) Support power supply voltage detection;
9) Support high gray scale and high refresh rate;
10) Support pixel by pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration. Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED;
11) Support pre-store picture setting;
12) Comply with EU RoHs standard;
13) Comply with EU CE-EMC standa

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