Novastar PSD80 LED Asynchronous Controller Card

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Novastar PSD80 Control Unit

PSD80 is an asynchronous full-color control card.
It has an extraordinary high cost-effectiveness with the realistic displaying effect and the supporting of rich media formats.

  Remote publish play-program;
 Remote monitoring the current play information;
 Play as per time segment or according to date, week and time;
 Self-adapting window display;
 Multiple clients synchronous display;
 Support a variety of media formats, such as video, images, text, weather, clock, countdown, Word、Excel、TXT, etc;
 Audio output;
Support emergency insert play, immediate notification;
 Remote manage the playback log;
 U disk export and Insert-and-Play;
 Support remote upgrade of application software and hardware programs;
 Loading capacity: 384×256;
 Support 16-group, 20-group and 24-group data modes;
   Support chips: TI, Toshiba, MBlock, Dianjing, Riyuecheng, Mingyang, etc. Support DM13H, MBI5024/5036/5034, MBI5042/5041/5030, MBI5040, MBI5050, etc.
 Support full-color static to 32 scan;
 Field frequency as 60Hz;
The gray level is settable, and support 16 bit 65536 level gray to the maximum;
 Refresh frequency: scanning screen can achieve 3840Hz and static screen can achieve 6000Hz;
 Support brightness correction and chromaticity correction;
 On-board 4Gb storage space;
 On-board temperature and voltage test;
 Support (with the optical probe NS048C) automatic brightness adjustment;
 Support secondary development.

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