Seetronic SAC3FPX Waterproof Power Kon Socket– UL (Power In) orange and black

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part number # SAC3FPX 


A new design of a new generation of LED display screen video connector, electrical connection is widely used in outdoor conditions, and its socket is Seetronic Water Proof Powerkon Socket, a protective cover with CNAC-FPX used, protection grade can reach IP65.

Connects to SAC3MX.

Can lock the three core equipment ( AC ) connector, having contacts;

High current capacity, rated at 16A/250V AC;

For the output power, used with SAC3FPX;

With UL498 standard authentication code: E356932

Product Feature: IP65,water proof, outdoor conditions, power-in

Product Model: SAC3FPX

Application: outdoor  

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