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Cables, Fiber, & Power Supplies

SinaPlug got into the business of supplying parts online when we noticed a high demand for Custom Cables, Fiber-Optic Cables and Power Supplies.  For some reason, we had people asking us to source these items over and over again.  We found some excellent sources for standard and fiber-optic cables as well as power supplies.  We also discovered the best processes to manufacture custom cables with custom connectors for special applications. 

Now, SinaPlug has become an excellent source for your standard, fiber-optic and hard to find custom cables.  Also, our selection of power supplies rivals many of our competitors! 

The beauty of being a SinaPlug customer is that whatever your specific needs for Cables, Fiber and Power supplies are, SinaPlug will source it, stock it and make sure we maintain sufficient supply to meet your individual needs! 

Just think of SinaPlug as your Personal Parts Warehouse for CABLES, FIBER & POWER SUPPLIES…!!!