Blaze Click Effects Multimedia Controller

Sale price$4,350.00 USD


Blaze Click Effects Multimedia Controller

Model: Blaze


Click effects Blaze is the most innovative and smoothest operating digital sign controller on the market today, allowing users uprecedented control over the video content and graphics of their LED displays and fascia boards. With powerful features such as automatic rersize, graphics and video overlays, and the abilty to control and display content to multiple screens simultaneously, Blaze is the best choice for convenient, intuitive and comprehensive control of any video diplays.

  • Built for displaying graphics and video for fascia board or LED screen
  • Automatic content resizing to fitting screen size
  • Real Time Graphic Overlays
  • Controls and displays content to multiple screens at the same time
  • Remote control to multiple Click Effects units
  • Compliant with many stats modules interface and scoring system
  • Hot Keys assignment available
  • Built-in graphics editor


    • Streaming Media Applications - Digital Signage
    •  Streaming Video Formats Supported - Other
    •  Depth: 25 in
    •  Height: 7 in
    •  Width: 19 in
    •  Product Weight: 60 lbs
    •  Video Format: NTSC, PAL
    •  Software Codecs: Uncompressed, Various VFW Codecs
    •  Graphic file Formats: bmp,tga,tif,jpg
    •  Video Channels: Upto 3 Boards can be Controlled Simultaneously
    •  Storage Capcity: 500 GB (upgradable
    •  GPI(Optional): 25 in/out triggers
    •  Network Ports: (2) Gigabit Ehternate

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