Neutrik powerCon Chassis Connector Power in blue

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part number # NAC3MPA-1    


PowerCon is locable 3-pole equipment (AC) Connector with Contacts for line, Neutral and premating safety grounds.

Connector: PowerCon Chassis Connector 

Type: Power in

Color: blue. 


Key features : 

-3-conductor quick disconnect terminations for easy and reliable assembly.

-Field serviceable, Robust and unbreakable 

-Fail/safe, long life termination integrity

- developed for frequently connected/ disconnected  systems with operator and equipment safety in mind. 


PowerCon is a lockable 3-pole equipment (AC) connector with contacts for line, Neutral and premating safer grounds. Color Coded for easy identification, PowerCon offers power-in (blue) and power -out(gray) versions with different keying to avoid the possibility of short circuiting. The contacts are designed to prevent damage from arcing when disconnected while under load. PowerCon meets or exceeds the demands of applications in the fields of A /V usages, test and measurement equipment, computers or industrial designs . UL recognized, SEV and VDE approved. Rated at 20A/250 VAC 

- Connector: PowerCon Chassis Connector

-Type: Power in 

-Color: blue (A) 

-Termination: For use with  0.187x 0.020 quick connect terminals .

-Mfr #NAC3MPA 

NOTE :  Powercon is not designed to be  a "mains" connector or for speaker/ amplifier applications 


Product details: 

brand: Neutrik 


Part Number: 092-284

Unit of measure : EACH 

Weight: 0.1 

Product specifications : 

Configuration:  Neutrik PowerCon 

Current rating:  20A

Power connector Type: Chassis/Panel Mount 

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